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If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there comes a point in your journey where you begin to seek out professional treatment for recovery. After all, the first step towards true healing is recognizing you have a problem and need help. As you explore treatment facilities, you may start discovering there are several options out there. But have you considered addiction rehabs in Vermont? Traveling to Vermont for addiction treatment—and specifically to Sana at Stowe—may be just what you need to achieve the long-term recovery you deserve. 

Why Traveling for Rehab is So Beneficial 

Before you start looking into Vermont rehab facilities, it’s important to understand why traveling in general for addiction treatment can be a worthwhile choice instead of sticking with an option close to home. Let’s break down a few reasons why traveling for rehab is so beneficial:

You’re More Intentional

Choosing a local rehab facility for treatment may be more convenient and familiar, but there are some trade-offs. If you’re close to home and the demands of your regular life, it can be easy to get distracted during treatment, become tempted to quit rehab impulsively, or continue to pursue the very addictions you’re trying to escape in the midst of your recovery efforts. 

However, if you choose rehabs in Vermont or another state that isn’t local, you’re forced to pursue recovery with a lot more intentionality—which is a good thing. You’ve made the effort to travel for treatment, so it’s less tempting to leave impulsively. Plus, because you’re away from the responsibilities and relationships at home, you can fully prioritize your treatment—ultimately giving your recovery the attention it deserves.

You Can Step Away from A Negative Environment

While attending a local rehab facility keeps you close to your friends, family, and work, these aspects of life may be some of the factors that continue to influence and enable your addictions. That means you’re more easily exposed to the triggers that would tempt you to continue using. Stepping away from this negative environment can be especially critical in the early stages of treatment and recovery, and that’s why traveling to a new place can be so helpful. Being far removed from these tempting influences gives you a better path towards recovery—not to mention the positive, helpful environment a rehab center would provide.   

You Can Maintain Privacy More Easily

For some people, the stigma associated with addiction rehab can prevent them from taking the very steps they need to heal. Though there’s nothing to be ashamed of in pursuing recovery, if you struggle with the thought of people finding out you’re in rehab, pursuing local treatment may keep you stressed about the potential for discovery. But if you go with addiction treatment in Vermont or elsewhere, traveling for rehab can give you that extra layer of privacy, and ultimately that extra layer of peace of mind.

You Have Greater Access to Better Care

Addiction can make a devastating impact on your life if left unchecked. At the same time, long-term recovery can change your life for the better. With these realities in mind, shouldn’t you prioritize the best addiction treatment possible for your recovery? Sticking with somewhere local will limit your options, while traveling will give you access to the best rehab centers available. And if you’re struggling with co-occurring disorders, having the option to choose a dual diagnosis treatment facility in another state sets you up for lasting success. 

Addiction Rehabs in Vermont: Experiencing the Green Mountain State

There’s something to be said for getting away to a beautiful place to focus on pivotal life change like addiction recovery. And rehabs in Vermont can provide the right setting for this in spades. Because of Vermont’s unique culture, small towns, and geography, it’s much easier to slow down and leave the hustle and bustle of your busy life behind when you travel here. 

Vermont is also nicknamed the Green Mountain State for good reason, as it provides an abundance of natural beauty, from impressive wooded mountains and pastoral landscapes to its famous fall foliage and more. Such tranquil, eye-catching vistas can easily provide the inspiration you need to stay the course in treatment, as well as plenty of time to reflect and gain the right perspective while you’re there. And perhaps there’s no better place to participate in Vermont addiction treatment than Sana at Stowe. 

The Best Among Vermont Rehab Facilities: Sana at Stowe

Sana at Stowe, located in Stowe, VT, sits on over 4 acres of serene, private wooded landscape at the foot of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest mountain. In addition to mountain views and a variety of nature at your fingertips, our patients have access to several indoor and outdoor activities. You can take in the great outdoors with multiple hiking trails or enjoy recreational activities like swimming, tennis, gardening, or yoga. Our state-of-the art facility also provides a safe, comfortable place to heal in the early stages of your recovery, as well as much needed rest and relaxation during treatment. 

In addition to the amenities that make Vermont rehab facilities so renowned, Sana at Stowe also provides world-class addiction treatment. Evidence-based and comprehensive, our residential treatment programs address alcohol and drug addictions, as well as co-occurring disorders like PTSD, depression, and anxiety. And our trauma-informed approach directly treats the root causes of your addiction, putting you on the best path to achieve long-term sobriety.

Ready to Begin Your Addiction Treatment in Vermont

If you’re ready to travel, we invite you to choose not only one of the best rehabs in Vermont, but one of the best in the country at Sana at Stowe. With our help, you can reclaim the life you deserve—free from addiction. To learn more, contact our team today