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Co-occurring PTSD and Addiction Treatment in VT

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Dual diagnoses consist of two mental health disorders occurring at the same time. PTSD and addiction are two disorders that often coincide. Individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder may turn to substances to help manage their symptoms, but relying on them too much could lead to the development of addiction and a substance abuse disorder. If you or a loved one is struggling with PTSD and addiction, it may be time to ask for help.

Sana at Stowe is your premier rehabilitation center in Stowe, Vermont. We provide comprehensive services to aid in PTSD and addiction recovery.

Navigating PTSD and Addiction

People who have suffered through traumatic events are susceptible to developing PTSD because of the severity of what they experienced or witnessed. PTSD symptoms — like intrusive memories of the event, drastic negative behavior and emotional changes, and extreme physical reactions to certain sounds or actions — can cause people to engage in self-destructive behaviors like binge drinking and substance use to numb and forget what they’re remembering.

PTSD can develop due to numerous causes, including but not limited to:

  • Childhood trauma
  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Severe accidents, like car crashes
  • Abuse
  • Combat exposure

To self-medicate, individuals who have PTSD may turn to alcohol or drugs to help them not think about their trauma and feel better, as substances can subdue anxiety and depression symptoms temporarily. Childhood or unresolved trauma could result in an addiction developing.

Our Services

We have several programs to help you address your PTSD and addiction and start the path to recovery. Our co-occurring PTSD treatment and trauma-informed care program allows individuals to target underlying traumas linked to their addiction. Through the program, you will receive treatment that focuses on helping you heal from your trauma while teaching you how not to rely on substances. This trauma-informed PTSD treatment program is part of our residential addiction treatment program.

You may also benefit from our evidence-based addiction treatment, withdrawal management services, or holistic addiction treatment. Our team works with you to ensure you get fitted with a program that best suits your needs.

Sana at Stowe for PTSD and Addiction Recovery

Trauma and substance abuse are two conditions requiring support from professional services. Sana at Stowe provides compassionate care for all clients as they follow their recovery journey. We create individualized treatment plans for all clients to ensure they receive resources and support matching their needs.

With Sana at Stowe, you get:

  • Luxury facilities: Receive treatment in our luxurious facility that provides everything you need during your stay. In addition to treatment programs, we offer clients various indoor and outdoor amenities. With all four seasons in Vermont, you can swim, garden, snowshoe, or walk the trail.
  • Experienced and trusted staff: We ensure all our medical staff is fully licensed and credentialed so you receive care from knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
  • Constant support: We understand working through trauma and addiction recovery is challenging. That’s why we are with you every step of the way. We provide compassionate support during treatment and beyond to foster long-term recovery.

Start Anew With Sana at Stowe

Your PTSD and addiction don’t define you. When you want to heal from trauma and overcome addiction, come to Sana at Stowe. We provide comprehensive addiction and trauma-informed care services in a private luxury treatment center so all clients can feel safe and comfortable. Learn more about our PTSD and addiction recovery program once you speak with a coordinator to see if Sana is for you.

2023 National Patient Safety Goals

Sana at Stowe has achieved accreditation and received

a Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission®.

This accreditation award verifies that Sana meets the most rigorous quality and patient safety standards of care, and shows a dedication to excellence across the full continuum of care. Learn more.

In-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM

Sana at Stowe is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM
and also accepts most out-of-network insurances, and accepts all private insurance. We provide financial assistance to help with the cost of treatment.