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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Vermont

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Sana at Stowe provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to treating cocaine addiction. This addictive drug causes pleasant sensations and creates dependence, so individuals often struggle to break free from it. We provide evidence-based treatment methods to help individuals detox from cocaine and guide them through the recovery process.

Our treatment takes place in a luxury facility in Vermont’s gorgeous Green Mountain landscape. The location offers a private, serene retreat where individuals can relax and recover.

Facing Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is an addictive and powerful stimulant produced from the coca plant grown in South American countries. The substance causes a buildup of dopamine in the brain, which creates pleasurable effects for those who take it.

Here are a few signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction that may indicate it’s time to seek help:

  • Needing to take increased dosages to get the desired effect
  • Struggling to control the amount taken
  • Experiencing agitation when stopping use
  • Abandoning family, friends, work, and school to take cocaine
  • Spending a lot of time and effort thinking about cocaine

Beyond affecting behavior, cocaine leads to physical and mental symptoms like high blood pressure, bursts of energy, insomnia, loss of appetite, restlessness, poor decision-making, and mood swings. Effects on social, physical, and mental health may lead to an effort to stop using the substance. This decision comes with withdrawal symptoms like agitation, depression, fatigue, and vivid dreams. These withdrawal symptoms may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

How to Overcome Cocaine Addiction With Sana

The physical effects of withdrawal, combined with mental barriers, mean cocaine use disorder is better treated with help from experts. Sana at Stowe provides various cocaine addiction recovery services to promote long-term healing, including:

  • Withdrawal management: Our team provides consistent monitoring to create a comfortable and safe withdrawal process. Care typically involves a tailored withdrawal plan from a care team, support from medical professionals, and medications to control withdrawal symptoms.
  • Residential treatment: Once individuals pass through withdrawal, we can continue treatment in our facility. During this stage, we offer 24-hour care while delving into causes of and ongoing coping methods for addiction.
  • Evidence-based treatment: This service includes everything from medication-assisted treatment for withdrawal to therapies used during residential treatment to improve overall well-being and equip individuals with skills to manage their condition.
  • Co-occurring PTSD treatment: Addressing underlying trauma allows for a more comprehensive approach to care. Treating trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder allows for more long-term solutions.
  • Wellness services: Our holistic addiction treatment methods involve nutritional guidance, exercise, sleep, and other treatments to create a well-rounded recovery with long-term benefits.

Our Expertise and Caring Support

With Sana at Stowe, you get an experienced team dedicated to providing support to those with substance use disorders. Our benefits include:

  • A high level of discretion for every person who receives treatment at our facility
  • Personalized recovery plans based on the unique needs of each individual
  • A low patient count, creating a serene atmosphere and a small community
  • An on-site chef and various activities to provide a healthy space for recovery

Take the First Step

Recovery is a process, but you can start today. Sana at Stowe offers rapid admission to support you or your loved one on the path to recovery from cocaine addiction. Contact our team to learn more information about how we can help you.

2023 National Patient Safety Goals

Sana at Stowe has achieved accreditation and received

a Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission®.

This accreditation award verifies that Sana meets the most rigorous quality and patient safety standards of care, and shows a dedication to excellence across the full continuum of care. Learn more.

In-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM

Sana at Stowe is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM
and also accepts most out-of-network insurances, and accepts all private insurance. We provide financial assistance to help with the cost of treatment.