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Meth Addiction Treatment in Vermont

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Sana at Stowe provides comprehensive meth addiction treatment to help individuals who need to break away from the drug but are having difficulty doing so. Methamphetamine is a drug, usually in a white powder or pill form, that gives people a euphoric high. There is also crystal meth, which takes the form of pale blue rock or glass fragments. All forms of meth are highly addictive, but crystal meth is the strongest and purest. Ensure you receive the help you need to beat a meth addiction with professional services.

At Sana, we provide individualized, evidence-based treatment services to aid in meth addiction recovery. Our recovery programs take place in beautiful Vermont, at the foot of Mount Mansfield. Our location offers recovery in a private, luxury retreat setting, helping clients relax as they work through rehabilitation.

Signs of Meth Addiction

Meth is a potent stimulant drug that helps people feel more energized, have more libido, and experience a confident and euphoric state. While the drug can make individuals feel better, the side effects are short-lived and can cause addiction as individuals chase those feelings. Due to the addictive nature of the substance, people may become addicted the longer they use it. However, not everyone who uses it develops an addiction.

To determine if you or a loved one has an addiction to meth, look out for signs and symptoms like:

  • Having a tolerance for meth, so you need to use more to feel the same effects
  • Changing behaviors and moods, like drastic mood swings, paranoia, or aggression
  • Continuing to use meth despite efforts to quit or development of health problems
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms when not using as frequently or trying to quit

Additionally, individuals who use meth may experience various psychological and physical effects, like hallucinations, a lack of inhibitions, and increases in blood pressure, body temperature, and alertness. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to seek treatment.

Sana’s Treatment for Meth Addiction

Receive professional support and treatment for meth addiction when you come to Sana at Stowe. We provide various rehab programs for meth addiction to help clients follow their path to recovery using evidence-based approaches that suit their needs and goals.

Our services focus on detoxification and withdrawal to promote long-term healing. We understand recovery is a process, so we encourage those with substance use disorders, like meth addiction, to partake in solutions like:

Through each service, you will receive expert guidance for detoxing from meth and practices for overcoming withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Regardless of the rehab program you enroll in, you’ll get to experience our premier landscape and sanctuary that helps you feel at ease while you get the support needed for meth addiction recovery.

Take the First Step Toward Meth Addiction Recovery

Addiction doesn’t define you. When it’s time to reclaim control over your life and take the next steps to heal from your addiction, Sana at Stowe is here for you. Our compassionate experts are ready to guide you through your recovery journey. Learn more about our meth addiction recovery services and how we can help by contacting us today.

2023 National Patient Safety Goals

Sana at Stowe has achieved accreditation and received

a Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission®.

This accreditation award verifies that Sana meets the most rigorous quality and patient safety standards of care, and shows a dedication to excellence across the full continuum of care. Learn more.

In-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM

Sana at Stowe is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM
and also accepts most out-of-network insurances, and accepts all private insurance. We provide financial assistance to help with the cost of treatment.