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Co-occurring Addiction and Anxiety Disorder Treatment in VT

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A common dual diagnosis is addiction and anxiety disorder. Individuals with anxiety disorders could be more inclined to offset their symptoms by misusing alcohol or drugs to help them feel less anxious. Or, people who have a substance use disorder may develop anxiety as a result of their use. Regardless of the situation, when it’s time to seek treatment and overcome the anxiety and addiction taking over your life, Sana at Stowe is here to help.

Our private, exclusive treatment center in picturesque Stowe, Vermont, is committed to helping individuals recover comfortably and safely. Consider Sana at Stowe for all-inclusive anxiety and addiction recovery services.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis of Addiction and Anxiety?

A dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders, is when you are dealing with two disorders at one time, like anxiety and addiction. While you or a loved one may already have one disorder, the development of the other could happen, too. Anxiety disorders may cause individuals to self-medicate their symptoms, such as:

  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Intrusive, racing thoughts that won’t go away
  • Increased restlessness or always being on edge
  • Uncontrollable worrying

Using alcohol or drugs can provide temporary relief from anxiety symptoms, but consistently using them can lead to addiction. Alternatively, if an individual already has a substance addiction, they could develop anxiety as a symptom of the specific substance or when going through withdrawal from it.

Our Anxiety and Addiction Recovery Program

Regardless of what came first, anxiety or addiction, Sana at Stowe provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program for anxiety and substance abuse. Through our programs, you or a loved one will receive compassionate care. Our science-based services involve integrated methodology to ensure clients receive care with proven results.

Our treatment options for dual diagnoses like anxiety and drug abuse include:

Our coordinators will help determine which program is right for you or a loved one.

Recover in Luxury at Sana

Vermont’s beautiful nature surrounds Sana at Stowe. When you visit us for treatment, you’ll experience the serene and peaceful outdoors while receiving treatment in a luxurious facility that fosters change and wellness. Anxiety and addiction recovery at Sana includes:

  • Professional staff: Our medical professionals are credentialed and licensed. They create personalized care plans to ensure you get the best treatments for your needs.
  • Continual support: Your team of professionals provides support throughout your time with us and beyond during long-term recovery. We make sure you have everything you need to remain comfortable and healthy while recovering.
  • Recreational opportunities: We offer various indoor and outdoor activities for our clients. Help cultivate and grow produce in our community garden, walk trails during the fall, snowshoe in winter, or warm up by the fireplace.

Heal With Guidance and Support From Sana at Stowe

Overcome anxiety and addiction through the support and treatment offered by Sana at Stowe. We are here to help you or a loved one learn essential skills that help mitigate substance withdrawal and anxiety symptoms. Learn more about our commitment to providing anxiety and addiction recovery when you call us and speak with a coordinator today.

2023 National Patient Safety Goals

Sana at Stowe has achieved accreditation and received

a Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission®.

This accreditation award verifies that Sana meets the most rigorous quality and patient safety standards of care, and shows a dedication to excellence across the full continuum of care. Learn more.

In-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM

Sana at Stowe is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM
and also accepts most out-of-network insurances, and accepts all private insurance. We provide financial assistance to help with the cost of treatment.