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In short, yes — insurance can cover addiction rehabilitation services. The exact services it covers can depend on your insurance plan and the plans a facility accepts. Whether you have a public or private insurance provider, your policy should include coverage for medically necessary substance use disorder rehabilitation.

Which Insurance Policies Cover Rehab?

Almost all health insurance plans will fall under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Under the ACA, it is required for insurance plans to cover addiction treatment as drug and alcohol substance use are not considered preexisting conditions. However, this coverage can come in varying degrees.

There are two primary forms of insurance policies that likely include your provider. Public insurance policies consist of government-based plans, such as Medicare — for older and disabled Americans — and Medicaid — a state-based coverage for lower-income Americans. Individuals can receive private insurance policies through an employer or pay for their own coverage.

Is Drug Use and Alcoholism a Protected Disability?

Addiction — such as alcoholism or drug use — itself is not usually considered a disability and is usually not protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, an impairment caused by an addiction can be classified as a protected disability. This includes mental health conditions and other limiting factors to care for oneself.

How Much Does Rehab Cost Without Insurance?

Rehab costs can vary depending on the form of treatment you are receiving. While inpatient programs can be among the more expensive options, they are a worthwhile investment. Some individuals stray from seeking help because of the cost, but it is still possible to receive rehab without insurance.

The cost will come out of pocket if you do not have insurance. Some are able to use their savings to cover the cost. If paying on your own is not a realistic option for you, other ways to pay for rehab include:

  • Family support: While it can be hard to ask for help, your support system of family and friends wants the best for you. Reach out to someone you trust and ask them if they would be willing to help financially in your recovery journey.
  • Payment plans: In many rehab facilities, loans or payment plans are accepted. These allow you to cover the cost of your treatment in fixed increments.
  • Facility scholarships: Rehab facilities are here to help, both physically and financially. Many programs have scholarships or grants available for financial assistance for all or a portion of the cost.

Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment at Sana at Stowe

At Sana at Stowe, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to receive the treatment they need. This is why we accept most major out-of-network insurance and all private insurance. Specifically, we are an in-network provider with BlueCross BlueShield and OPTUM.

Standing by our promise, we also offer financial assistance to help with the cost of treatment. If you express interest in our program for you or a loved one, we will set you up with our financial staff to go over your insurance policy, including your benefits, co-pays, deductibles, authorizations, and level of care. From here, we can work with you to set up a financial agreement based on your unique situation.

Please Contact Us With Any Questions

We want to make addiction rehab possible for you or your loved one. Our world-class, luxury facility and dedicated team members use personalized treatment plans to help you lead a life you love. Reach out to us with any questions through our online contact form or our insurance verification form.

Sana is Here to Help

Sana is here for you and your loved ones. Sana at Stowe provides high-quality treatment for those struggling with substance abuse, alcohol addiction, trauma, and PTSD. Our compassionate and professional staff is dedicated to giving our patients the recovery experience they deserve in a safe and healing environment. To learn more or to get started on your journey to recovery today, give us a call or visit our contact form.

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