Visiting Sana

Sana understands that importance of involving loved ones in treatment and encourages visits on the weekends along with family counseling sessions as indicated. To learn more about how to prepare and general guidelines for visiting, see the frequently asked questions and responses below.

FAQs about Visiting Hours at Sana

When are visiting hours?

Every Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm.

Do visitors need to provide Sana staff with prior notice before coming?

For planning and security purposes, it is important for Sana’s staff to know about visitors in advance. Clients are asked to complete a Visitor Notification form each week and submit it to staff by 9:00 AM on Friday morning. For client protection, if someone shows up at Sana and their name is not on a Visitor Notification form, we will not allow them into the facility.

Do visitors need to wear masks?

Yes, for now, regardless of vaccination status, all visitors will be screened for COVID-19 and are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while inside at Sana.

What if a loved one wants to visit but cannot make it during visiting hours on the weekend?

Clients and loved ones should discuss this with Sana’s clinical staff, who will try to accommodate any requests.

Can visitors bring in food, drinks, gifts or other personal belongings for loved ones when they visit?

All non-food items from visitors first have to be searched by staff and then distributed per Sana protocol. Any items that are considered unsafe or non-therapeutic will either be returned to visitors before they leave or stored safely and given to individuals upon discharge.

For sanitation and safety reasons, all outside food items (store bought or homemade) are prohibited. If you have specific culinary requests, staff will try our best to accommodate them.

Are pets allowed at Sana?

Sana understands that pets are very important in our lives. Due to some people’s fear of animals as well as allergies, animals are not permitted inside the building.

If you would like to visit with your pet in an outdoor area during weekend visitation hours, please discuss this in advance directly with your clinician, who will need to consider the health status of the patient, timing of the visit, allergies, cleanliness and health of the pet, vaccination status and emotional sensitivities of other patients and visitors.

The pet’s owner or handler shall be responsible for and maintain control of the pet at all times. If the animal displays any disruptive behavior or its presence threatens to compromise patient care or the safety of others, staff may ask the owner or handler to immediately remove the animal from the property.

What about service animals?

By law, service animal as defined by the American Disabilities Act, are allowed in all areas where the public is normally allowed to go. Service animals must be housebroken, under control at all times and leashed, harnessed or tethered unless these devices would interfere with their work or the disability prevents use of a device.

Can visitors get a tour of the building?

To protect the privacy of all clients, we do not allow visitors to tour the facility. During visiting hours, guests will be assigned a meeting space, and we ask that you go only from the lobby to your assigned meeting location and nearest restrooms as needed.