Strength to Heal

Self-Care for Those Concerned for Someone Else

Those who live with and are in close relationship with an individual with a substance use disorder can be negatively impacted in a number of ways. Trying to cope with the complications of active alcohol and substance use can be exhausting, be it in the family setting, on the social scene or in the workplace. Explore the impact on you by reviewing the screening questions.

People closely connected to a person with a substance use disorder can be in need of education and support. As part of our Support And Network Approach, Sana provides education on best practices for prevention, supporting efforts at recovery, coping tactics to use when active use is occurring, responding to relapse, relationship boundaries and self-care. 

Sana encourages loved ones to explore group support for challenging situations locally with mutual support groups, such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Learn To Cope, etc.

Individual and/or family counseling can also be helpful. Sana at Stowe will provide referrals as desired.