Strength to Heal

Sana Support and Network Approach

For Those Concerned for Someone Else

Chances are you’re exploring Sana at Stowe because the life of someone you care about is not working in one way or another. Perhaps, they’re not reaching their goals or engaging in behavior that is reckless, harmful or even self-destructive.

Sana at Stowe supports individuals and loved ones in cutting through the confusion and collapses that can occur when substance use becomes unmanageable. We help people identify evidence-based (proven) methods that work for them to manage substance use and co-occurring disorders effectively, so they can live their best lives.

Once we know the clinical picture, Sana’s Admissions staff can determine the right level of care and provide guidance on how to discuss treatment options with the person concerning you. If needed, we can also provide you with information on working with an Interventionist, a trained professional experienced in helping friends and family members support someone in asking for help with addiction and admitting to treatment.

As your loved one reaches for goals designed by them with our support, their goals become “realities” during and after their stay with us.