Strength to Heal

Pre-Admission Clinical Assessment

Sana’s Admissions Staff will complete a Pre-Admission Clinical Assessment. We discuss personal history, current issues and needs in order to determine if Sana is the best fit and most appropriate level of care for each prospective patient.

If a candidate for admission is seeing a healthcare provider, a therapist or counselor, or is enrolled in another program, we welcome direct communication, so other providers may share their perspective and coordinate care.

As soon as the Pre-Admission Assessment is complete, our Chief Medical Officer reviews the information to determine the clinical fit and right level of care. Further data or a clarifying conversation may be needed in order to make an admission acceptance decision.

Should Sana at Stowe not be the best fit, we offer options and referrals to providers who are able to better assist with the current concerns.

Once accepted for admission, Sana’s Admissions Staff work with incoming patients and their support networks as needed to manage air travel and ground transportation. We are prepared to assist with escort arrangements, should those be needed to manage admission circumstances safely. (Some patients may need medical/nursing support or a sober companion for travel.)  We also provide car service within a limited geographic radius.

We know it’s not easy for anyone to come this far. Sana at Stowe assists patients to find the Strength To Heal.