COVID-19 Information

The safety of Sana’s patients, visitors and staff is our first priority. In order to provide essential medical and clinical care in the safest possible environment, we have implemented several precautions and policies in response to COVID-19. These are based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines and include:

    • 100% vaccination of all staff,
    • Patients being either partially or fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to arrival at Sana (and demonstrating proof of their immunization status),
      • If partially vaccinated, the patient must be at least 14 days out from the date of their first vaccine dose by the time they arrive at Sana, and submit to a COVID point-of-care test during intake with a negative result. (Sana staff will arrange for the patient to get their second dose during their admission.)
    • Testing of any patients or staff experiencing COVID-19 symptoms,
    • Stringent sanitation measures throughout the facility with frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas, bathrooms, rooms and workstations,
    • Rigorous screening of all new patients, visitors and staff,
    • Use of personal protection equipment, such as medical masks, face shields and glasses as appropriate, and
    • Encouraging patients and visitors to follow best practices in preventing the spread of the virus by washing hands frequently and social distancing.

The COVID-19 situation is “fluid.” It can be hard to keep up on emerging guidance. Our Admissions Team is always ready with the latest update to our precautions. Please call 802-828-7262 with questions.

Recognized as a “model for the country” for its management of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vermont is fortunate to have one of the lowest per-capita shares of cases of any state in the US since the beginning of the pandemic and the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration data tracker. For information on policies, testing and travel to the State, visit the Vermont Department of Health’s website.